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Epilogue Systems

"Since 2015, Tribridge has been partnering with Epilogue to deliver Tribridge Tutor, an innovative training and support software platform, to our clients. Cost-effective and easy to use, our clients have embraced the technology. And, our partnership with Epilogue has been collaborative and supportive. We are looking forward to working with them for years to come."

Let Epilogue empower your users to improve performance with Epic

Dan Kamstra, Alliance Manager - Tribridge


Give users the support they need at their moment of need

  • Training is necessary but incredibly expensive and disruptive, significantly reduce training and increase user proficiency
  • Provide on-demand context-sensitive help and guidance at your users' Moment of Need
  • Automatically capture transactions, processes and workflows and build step-based work instructions in minutes
  • Epilogue also works with virtually any other application, allowing cross-application performance support